What is beauty?

What is beauty? This is one of the questions human beings – especially women - have been seeking to answer for millennia. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so they say. And it’s true, we all know when we see something truly beautiful. But how to define it? Can we ever capture it?

Believe it or not, at Mystic Bazaar we believe we may have cracked the code. Mystic Bazaar is an emporium of accessories, created using traditional practices and modern design. We weave together three distinctive elements – curiosity, colour, and quality - to create undeniably beautiful pieces.

Welcome to Mystic Bazaar, where we are proud to bring you beauty from afar.

1. Curiosity

A beautiful woman never stops exploring. She knows the value of learning and seeks adventure everywhere she looks. That is why curiosity is at the heart of all we do. Mystic Bazaar combines contemporary style with ancient artisanship.

Travel is the ultimate form of curiosity. Unsatisfied with a static life, we love exploring every corner of the globe and finding beauty wherever we go. This is what brought our founder, Shilpa Negi, from India to Australia in 2013. As a brave explorer, she knows the real beauty of curiosity.

Our curiosity is what led us to where we are. It led us to wonder if there was a better way to give women access to handmade products. It led us to question mass production, and take a leap of faith into handmade craftsmanship. You get a glimpse of our curiosity in every item we make. From Indian block-print scarves to our beautiful handmade bags, our range is a curious yet mystical blend of today’s style and ancient art.

2. Colour

A beautiful woman embraces colour. Colour represents energy, fun and change. Bright and bold, a colourful woman isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. All our accessories bring a mystical touch to your day. The handcrafted nature of our carefully designed items makes every item a conversation piece. From subtle to daring and everything in between, Mystic Bazaar is a place of life and colour.

We love the intrinsic nature of colour in Asian culture: the heavily scented streets and market places of India are saturated with colour. Now, every woman can channel that energy and beauty with our beautiful accessories.

3. Quality

A beautiful woman values quality. Timeless style is always high quality. As fast-fashion and consumerism have taken over, quality has dropped. Don’t settle for mass production. Take a step back in time and embrace high quality beauty with Mystic Bazaar. We value handcrafted goods made by skilled artisans who preserve traditional art forms. Quality is the ultimate test of beauty: true beauty doesn’t fade, and neither do our accessories.

A Treasure Trove of Beauty from Afar

We are beauty seekers and beauty lovers. We see beauty in everything and seek to create more beauty everywhere we go. Mystic Bazaar exists for you. We are an international market place, bustling with local artisans and ancient crafts - at your doorstep. For accessories which are truly beautiful, step into the curious, colourful and handcrafted world of Mystic Bazaar. Welcome to our story, will you join us?