The Revival Of Boho

The Bohemian bug has bitten, and at Mystic Bazaar we are big fans!

From celebrities sporting slouchy boho style bags, to lifestyle stores decked out with ethnic prints and all sorts of trinkets, it’s everywhere you look - and yet it's awfully tricky to define. What exactly is contemporary bohemian design and why does it lure us so easily?

The answer to that could be, that going boho comes with absolutely no rules – it’s about embracing colours and patterns that makes you happy. Boho style bags for example, might feature fringing or patchwork, tie dye or tribal prints. It's a representation of the free spirit and a willingness to experiment with anything, be it folksy, floral or floaty.

The boho look has evolved and so have those who sport it. The contemporary boho woman isn’t just a free-spirited flower child – she’s a woman who knows how to live life to the full. She is most likely well-travelled, with a taste for adventure, and a keen understanding of culture.

Much more than just an aesthetic, the boho revival embraces movement, comfort, and ease, using varied fabrics and textures with an underlying element of fun. The boho woman shows her flair by layering her look, so if it’s a style you’re ready to experiment with, start with accessories. These are the easiest layers to add to an existing wardrobe. It’s all in the details, so opt for tassels on bags and boots, and throw in a scarf on a breezy day to add an extra layer.

As easy it might sound to master the boho vibe, it is important to practise some restraint. Always remember that boho is a personal expression, so only choose pieces that speak to you personally and enhance your personal story.

For this reason, hand crafted products are ideal for their story telling ability. A well put together boho theme – whether in fashion or home décor – is like a story book with a gripping plot. Each piece holds your attention individually, and when put together they complement each other and tell a tale: the story of you.

We can see why there’s been a big revival of boho: it’s confident, it’s happy, and it’s as individual as you are!

Words by Nitya Budhraja