Why being single in your 30’s is amazing

Unlike what society tells us, being single in your 30’s is an amazing and incredibly rewarding experience. Of course, there will be certain criticisms that have conditioned us to think it’s abnormal not to be in a relationship during this point of your life – but it’s okay!

So instead of condoning women’s personal and relationship choices attributed to a specific age, let’s celebrate and learn to embrace it. Here are a few reasons why being single in your 30’s is amazing:

You learn to become comfortable in your own company

It’s so important that we learn to love ourselves and be comfortable in our company before we nosedive into a relationship. Depending on others to satisfy us and keep us happy can often lead to emotional turmoil if things don’t end up the way we expected. It can be easy to settle for something that you don’t necessarily desire because you feel like you may not deserve it or because you want to please others. This can ultimately leave us feeling more isolated and helpless than ever.

You have more financial freedom

This ultimately means you can afford to take that well-deserved trip to Europe! The peak of your financial resources is at your 30’s so take advantage of your solo time. Since you don’t have anyone holding you back, what’s stopping you from doing the things you love? They don’t have to be grand schemes, it can be as small as buying a handbag.

Did we also mention that being single is much less expensive compared to being in a relationship because you’re cooking for one? Take advantage of this financial freedom as well as the luxury of choosing what you eat, when and how much it costs! Most importantly, learn to really understand your finances – it is beneficial to create a budget and plan your expenses and savings. Once you learn to be financially strong and independent, it can avoid future money problems and bad spending habits

You can focus on the things you love

When you’re alone, you allow yourself to think clearly about your life and where you want to take your next chapter. Being single is the perfect opportunity to reaffirm your current path and focus on the things that you really love.

Take the advantage of being single and having no excess responsibility of a family to look after to work on the things you life. Whether it is a project, or a talent that you want to harness, your 30’s are the perfect time to better yourself spiritually, mentally and physically.  To make it easier, think of the one thing you’ve always dreamt of doing, but never had the chance to. Take a step from there and see how far you go to accomplish it!

Learn from others and your own mistakes

Some of the best life lessons come from learning from the mistakes of others and your own. Turn to your friends and family and listen to their advice, as more often than not they have experienced the perils and hardships of a relationship. Reflect on your trials and tribulations of those in your life as well as your own as you move forward to the next chapter in your life.

Relaying life lessons from others is invaluable because you’re able to learn without having to go through the mistakes and often-traumatic experiences. By seeking advice from those you trust, it can save yourself time, money and pain. At the end of the day, we can learn things the hard way of the effective way – it is up to us what choice we choose!

This is for all you incredible 30 something year olds – you deserve to live your best life and if it means flying solo for a bit (or forever), your journey will still be amazing and valuable.

Words by Stephanie Turek