5 Timeless Handbags That Will Never Go Out Of Style

They say that we can tell a woman by her handbag as it embodies their personality, style and flair. It is an extension of who she is and the role she plays. So it makes sense that when choosing the right handbag, you have to make sure that it’s not only functional, but represents who you are. Whether it’s a tote, satchel or clutch, you need to invest in a bag that can withstand the test of time and carry the essentials of your busy lifestyle. To help you with this critical decision-making task, here are 5 timeless handbags that will never go out of style:

1. Tote Bags

Tote bags are probably one of the most conventional and all-purpose bags you can find in the fashion market. They’re designed to carry everything you need and more whilst making a fashion statement!  A conventional bag to carry out all your duties is the Mother Nature Tote Kilim. This easy to carry tote bag has 2 pockets and plenty of room to fit your laptop and work files. Want to make a pit stop to the groceries? Your trusty tote can double up as a durable bag to hold your groceries

2. Sultry Sling Bags

Nothing is more functional and versatile to own in your fashion essentials collection than a sling bag. The basic shoulder bag is fit for almost any occasion including a gals day out or a romantic dinner date. Stylishly created for on the go travels, a sling bag is made for the hustlers and go-getters. One of our favourite is this one that’s built to accommodate all your essentials so you can be hands free.

 3. Stylish And Sassy Satchel

The iconic 2000s satchel bag is appearing to make a chic comeback this season and we’re all for it! If you’re looking for a traditional bag that reinforces your personal style and fits perfect into you daily commute, it’s worthwhile getting a satchel. We are loving the Guru Satchel as you can carry it multiple ways as it features an adjustable sling with a permanent handle.

4. Chic Clutch  

There’s no better way to make an entrance than with an elegant clutch to show the world your unique style. Pairing the adored Asana clutch in maroon to your next night out dress will surely turn heads. The dazzling clutch features an enamelled magnetic snap button, patterned lining and card slots. Any night out is given a touch of style so you can walk with confidence.

5. Kindred Knapsack

Backpacks never go out of style and offer comfort and ease as you tackle your daily errands. You’ll want a knapsack that’s soft and durable to last for years so we recommend the Mantra Knapsack made with seasoned Nappa leather. Finding the right backpack makes for an investment piece that will last a lifetime.