A step-by-step guide on how to look (and feel) fabulous

There’s no better feeling in the world than looking and feeling your best fabulous self. However, life sometimes gets in the way and we sometimes have our down moments. Even the most beautiful and successful people have their off days. So rather than giving generic ‘have a positive attitude’ advice, we’ve consulted scientific studies and research to find simple lifestyle changes that will actually help you to look and feel fabulous.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide that you can follow to be the best version of yourself yet

1. Stay fit and feisty 

Physical exercise doesn’t just have a positive effect on your body physically, but it’s also proven to improve your mood and is said to combat ageing! A 2014 study at Canada’s McMaster University has shown that exercising can actually reverse skin ageing as it increases blood circulation to feed the skin nutrients, hormones and oxygen from the inside. This is what gives our skin that healthy and radiant glow.

2. Don’t take life so seriously

This is an important one – most people in today’s society are too caught up with maintaining their social standards and can lose themselves in the process. It’s perfectly okay to be imperfect – don’t be too harsh on yourself and let yourself laugh and take a breather. The mental health benefits of laughter are endless as it’s proven to decrease anger, relax and revitalise yourself and reduce stress. It’s so beneficial for your mental health that psychologists have started incorporating laughter into therapy practices

3. Stay hydrated

You’ve probably heard this one before but your body and mind will thank you for it – we are technically made up of almost 70% water! The average intake is 8 glasses of water per day so make sure that you’re consuming enough water throughout the day to feel and look replenished. Staying hydrated helps with concentration levels and will help make your skin look more plumped and rejuvenated.

4. Give back to the community

Have you ever heard of the quote ‘What comes around goes around’? There’s a natural law of karma that if you do a good thing in the world, then over time you will receive the good karma (energy) back. Giving compliments or doing something good for an individual or the community also makes you feel good on the inside. Scientific studies have even shown that it makes you more attractive and therefore attract like-minded people.

5. Wear what you love

Life is too short – wear that bold tote bag you love but didn’t have the confidence to pull it off. When you find something that fits with your lifestyle and body well, it’s guaranteed to make you feel happier and in turn, look your best! Wearing an item that you love is a guaranteed mood booster that has always been shown to influence our thoughts and actions. A study from the Northwestern University wrote that what we wear transforms our characteristics. So next time you’re deciding on your daily outfit, reconsider your choices and how it can affect your overall mood.