Crafted With Mystic Love

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While most fingers hit the keyboard and eyes remain glued to a screen, there are some hands moulding art and telling their unheard stories. Here’s the thing about Handmade, what’s made by hand is the narrative of an exclusive history. It’s the story of one man’s emotions, hours of attempts, days of experimentation, weeks of disappointments and moments of delight. It’s a story so unique, it isn’t capable of duplicity.
In a world flooded with mass produced products and copy paste designs, to think that something is crafted with love and sweat and knowledge and art is a novelty. A novelty which was once restricted to the area of its origin and remotely found, is now with the help of ecommerce a luxury available across the globe for those who have an eye for detail and beauty. It’s amazing to think that we have access to handcrafted bags, made by craftsmen in the back lanes of a buzzing market in Rajasthan, who were taught the technique of tying and dying fabric by their ancestors, who mastered the art over generations of learning and teaching. It is the passing on of a piece of history and the playful search for beauty by an individual artist, that adds not just physical beauty to any handcrafted product, but also character and individuality.

“Handmade is a luxury.”

This new consciousness, with the demand for quality, design and authenticity has revived thousands of dying art forms and artists have perfected century old techniques and coupled them with contemporary design to create some of the most spectacular products. From Laptop bags to home furnishings and apparel, the world is choosing handmade wherever possible. Designers from all over the world are integrating handmade into their product lines and it’s time we discovered them.

It is no secret, that we live in an adulterated world, where there are few genuine products piled on shelves in shops. We are accustomed to eating synthetic foods and wearing imitation fabric. There is a craving in today’s world to go back to the basics and a desire to fill our senses with something real and mindful. For this reason, handmade is a luxury. There is a genuine quality about handmade products, where each stitch, each weave and each design is deliberated and a conscious decision is made while crafting. These are quality products.

Ultimately handmade products are tangible and personal stories. Stories that are woven together and narrated by an artist, but its epilogue is always written by the buyer who discovers the product and completes the artist’s creative process by buying it. There are a number of designers and stories from across the world, waiting for you to complete their stories. So go handmade and start your search with Mystic Bazaar, where artists from across the globe are handpicked and given a platform to showcase their work to an international market.